Burgermeister's daughter essay

Two leading German aviation experts, Marek Strassenburg Kleciak, a specialist in three-dimensional navigation systems at Bundeswehr University in Munich and at the Faunhofer Institute in Darmstadt, and Hans Dodel, a German expert on navigation systems and electronic warfare, an author of the book “Satellite Navigation”, published in the influential Warsaw paper Gazeta polska an article entitled “It was an act of terrorism” (To był zamach), in which they explain how the aircraft of Polish President Lech Kaczynski was destroyed.

My Gpa Arlo “Tom” Skeem was in the 398th bomber group with Gallagher’s crew he was a Radio operator/gunner he enlisted in 1942 not sure what went on for 2 years before 1944 when I got told their b17 got the “purple heart Corner on thier mission, Then b-17 he was on had their turbo charger fail which made their plane lag behind the rest of the group after they had dropped their payload in Germany. then they came under fire from enemy fighters and took damage I believe at least 2 if not 4 of his crew got killed and the plane caught fire he was able to shoot down one of the enemy planes which he saw the pilot parachute out, he then realized that everyone else had parachuted out and he was the last man alive on the plane which he bailed, he had some how managed to get his parachute on back words but was able to land with out getting hurt, he then came under fire from Germans and was able to evade capture and flee to the woods for a few days before being capture when he was tricked by some natives in Switzerland to cross back in to a bridge which at which on the other side was controlled by germans which he was captured and became a pow for the rest of the war long story short he survived the death march he past away in 2012 age 92 I thank God he survived or the 4 kids he had, 21 grandchildren, and like 30+ great grand children.
if anyone would like more info or has info about people that we’re in his crew or group email me [email protected]

Burgermeister's daughter essay

burgermeister's daughter essay


burgermeister's daughter essayburgermeister's daughter essayburgermeister's daughter essayburgermeister's daughter essay