Burj al arab essay

Rents, by comparison, are cheap. Upwardly mobile refugees look for ways to move outside the camp. Nearby apartments in the village are inhabited by the Palestinian middle class: doctors, nurses, teachers, and administrators who can afford higher quality housing but want to remain close to their community and relief services like healthcare and education. This depresses rental prices within the camp, and cheap rents have attracted Syrians displaced by the civil war. Palestinian camps in Beirut have even received poor immigrants from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and the Philippines.

The UAE’s large hydrocarbon wealth gives it one of the highest GDP per capita in the world and Abu Dhabi owns the majority of these resources – 95% of the oil and 92% of gas. [36] Abu Dhabi thus holds 9% of the world’s proven oil reserves ( barrels) and almost 5% of the world’s natural gas (  billion cubic metres or 200 billion cubic feet ). Oil production in the UAE was in the region of million barrels per day (bpd) in 2010, [37] and projects are in progress to boost production to 3m bpd. In recent years the focus has turned to gas as increasing domestic consumption for power, desalination and reinjection of gas into oil fields increases demand. Gas extraction is not without its difficulties, however, as demonstrated by the sour gas project at Shah where the gas is rich in hydrogen sulphide content and is expensive to develop and process. [13]

Al Hamariya, Diplomatic Enclave, Bur Dubai
737, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Consul General: Shri Vipul
Telephone: Tel: +/3971333
Fax: Fax : +
E-Mail: @
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Burj al arab essay

burj al arab essay


burj al arab essayburj al arab essayburj al arab essayburj al arab essay