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. = n = A/(B +C), where: A = [S 2 1 /n 1 + S 2 2 /n 2 ] 2 , B = [S 2 1 /n 1 ] 2 / (n 1 -1), C = [S 2 2 /n 2 ] 2 / (n 2 -1) Otherwise, do not worry about the problem of having an actual a level that is much different than what you have set it to be. The following decision chart provides a guide in selecting an appropriate test-statistic concerning the means m 's for both, one and two populations.
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A Decision Chart for Testing the Means m 's

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Buy a graduate statistics paper

buy a graduate statistics paper


buy a graduate statistics paperbuy a graduate statistics paperbuy a graduate statistics paperbuy a graduate statistics paper