Career interview essays

Sorry I’ve come around to this only now, but I wanted to say thanks for all the information on this site. I got selected as well and to be honest this and a couple of other websites are all I used – am a PO with a state-run bank and was going through a particularly stressful transfer at the time of these exams. Thanks a bunch for the well-organized and up-to-date info in clear language.
I am, however, a bit bummed about no information from RBI post-selection. Does anyone know how long this takes? And when are the medical exams etc?
Not looking forward to Chennai in summer. Sigh.

You obtain a recommendation from a current Fuqua student or alumnus/alumna. Current Fuqua students must complete the online peer recommendation form , while Fuqua alumni must complete the alumni recommendation form . In your application, include your recommender’s name, program (Daytime, Cross Continent, Weekend Executive, Global Executive, Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business, Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University, or Master of Quantitative Management) year of graduation (if known), and email address.

Career interview essays

career interview essays


career interview essayscareer interview essayscareer interview essayscareer interview essays