Challenges of the 21st century essay

Special attention should be paid to higher education, given the importance, and the uniqueness of the role that knowledge plays in development, and its ability to influence the whole system. Isn’t the "vulnerability” of Africa the result of its marginal position in the world of knowledge? With the ongoing changes in higher education around the world and the weakening of many African universities as a result of both deep crises and twenty years of structural adjustment, brain drain and sheer negligence on the part of the State, African research has encountered considerable difficulties in its attempts to study and interpret these events and more.

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Welcome to the National Academies of Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering study on Grand Challenges for Environmental Engineering and Science in the 21st Century. Environmental challenges continue to multiply as the global population expands toward 10 billion people by 2050 and as demands for clean water, food, and energy rise, all in the context of global climate change. This study will bring together experts in a wide range of fields who, with input from the scientific community and the broader public, will identify the biggest challenges that environmental engineers and scientists will need to address over the next several decades. The study also will describe how the field—and colleges and universities—might evolve to better address those challenges. The study is modeled, in part, on the  NAE Grand Challenges in Engineering .

Challenges of the 21st century essay

challenges of the 21st century essay


challenges of the 21st century essaychallenges of the 21st century essaychallenges of the 21st century essaychallenges of the 21st century essay