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Last but perhaps most notorious are the smear bacteria, which are responsible for the room-clearing ability of Epoisses , Münster , and Limburger . These smear bacteria are officially known as Brevibacter linens . They can't live in acidic or deoxygenated environments, and so cannot survive in the interior of cheeses. Since they need salty (up to 15%), moist environments to grow, they must be encouraged to do so by continual washing or wiping of the cheese surfaces, a process which results in the development of the characteristic red "smear" surface of so-called "washed-rind" cheeses. B. linens excels at breaking down proteins into, well, stinky odor compounds, producing oniony or garlicky, fishy, and sweaty aromas. Some cheeses, like the great alpine cheeses, are wiped only during part of their ripening, producing a muted complexity of flavor, rather than the nasal assault that accompanies many cheeses that play host to B. linens . The aroma of the washed-rind cheeses is often compared to smelly feet by both fans and detractors, a fact which is easily understood, as brevibacter are ubiquitous on human skin, and grow especially well without interference from personal hygiene.

Since the 1988 declaration by the World Health Assembly for the eradication of poliomyelitis, Nigeria has been involved in various immunization campaigns towards this goal. Nigeria has recorded tremendous successes including the delisting from polio endemic countries in Sep 2015. However, an outbreak of the poliovirus has been reported in Borno, North East Nigeria which has had challenges of access following an insurgent campaign

The Direct Disbursement Mechanism was a payment system put in place to ensure that funds are available when needed for activity implementation (training, microplanning, logistics, social mobilization etc) and the thousands of ad-hoc personnel engaged for each immunization campaign are paid the right amount of allowances and at the right time

Intensive supplemental immunization activities are going on in 11 polio high risk states of Kano, Kaduna, Kastina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Jigawa, Borno, Bauchi, Adamawa, Zamfara, Yobe and Niger. Two or three rounds of the campaign take place nationally with the 36 States and FCT participating

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to enter into a contractual agreement with a successful bidder and select a suitable bank to carry out the following work: Open dedicated project accounts for supplementary immunization activities; make CASH available in specified locations on agreed payment dates for disbursement to the LGA officials, supervisors and vaccinators; lead the organization’s drive for migration to mobile money as an alternative to cash; ensure the Organization's goal to receive accurate, timely depository and account maintenance services, maximize the utilization of idle funds, minimize risk of loss, receive sound investment and banking service advice, utilize modern electronic and automated banking options and to accomplish these goals at the lowest reasonable cost.

Some animals have a common name that includes the word 'brood' or its derivatives, although it is arguable whether the animals show 'broodiness' per se. For example, the female gastric-brooding frog ( Rheobatrachus sp. ) from Australia , now probably extinct, swallows her fertilized eggs, which then develop inside her stomach. She ceases to feed and stops secreting stomach acid and the tadpoles rely on the yolks of the eggs for nourishment. After six or seven weeks the mother opens her mouth wide and regurgitates the tadpoles which hop away from her mouth. [26] The Brooding sea anemone ( Epiactis prolifera ) is a colonial hermaphrodite that fertilizes and incubates its eggs internally. The motile larvae, after swimming out of the mouth, migrate down to the disk and become fixed there until they become little anemones, ready to move and feed independently.

Characteristic of a good essay

characteristic of a good essay


characteristic of a good essaycharacteristic of a good essaycharacteristic of a good essaycharacteristic of a good essay