Colonialism essay questions

Political parties that were formed in this period became more radical in their demands and received growing support. To a large extent this support came from the increasing number of Africans living in urban areas following the Second World War. The colonial government's expansion of education had also played a role in this. The spread of education and urbanisation of Africans led to the growth of ideas about independence. The people began to question colonial rule and challenged their exclusion from the governmental process. It was because of these developments that the process of decolonisation in Africa began.

Applying a similar analysis of China’s interests in the African continent demonstrates how China’s neo-colonial fostering of development contributes to and reinforces inequalities between African countries. China unevenly distributes its foreign aid between states in Africa. It has been suggested that Chinese foreign aid has been invested in countries which have sectors that need it the least, suggesting that it follows similar patterns to existing aid flows from the North into Africa. This is reflected by Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) flows in 2005 where of the $ billion of Chinese FDI 50 percent went to the oil rich countries of Algeria, Sudan, South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria (Lumumba-Kasongo 2011). The fact that 50 percent of Chinese FDI in Africa is given to only 5 countries suggests that these states will benefit to a greater extent than those who are receiving less or no FDI from China.

Colonialism essay questions

colonialism essay questions


colonialism essay questionscolonialism essay questionscolonialism essay questionscolonialism essay questions