Common essay topics for gmat

Does progress eliminate problems or create new ones?
Does focus on technology cause society to neglect other important areas, such as education and the environment?
Are there times that avoiding technology is beneficial?
Has the abundance of information available today made the world easier or harder to understand?
Has the purpose of technology changed?
Have modern advancements made life easier than what it was in the past?
Is the world getting better or worse?
Is criticism necessary for the progress of society?
Has society become too concerned with money?

There is a real disconnect between what Admission Committee Representatives in the Info Sessions say they are looking for and these essay topics. College Reps say they would like to know something interesting about you that isn’t revealed in your application. Your essay is supposed to add “texture” to your application. These new essay topics will produce really boring essays, with many students beating their own chests or writing sad tales about a death in the family or another type of loss. Bring back the topic of choice!

Common essay topics for gmat

common essay topics for gmat


common essay topics for gmatcommon essay topics for gmatcommon essay topics for gmatcommon essay topics for gmat