Computer proposal science thesis

The BS/MS program is for outstanding undergraduate students who wish to spend approximately one additional year to complete their MS degree immediately after their BS degree. A student who is accepted into the BS/MS program will be able to take two graduate courses (8 quarter hours) in computer science and apply them to both the BS and MS degree requirements. There can be significant financial benefits to students who enroll in this program, although these are best discussed with your financial aid counselor. The example that follows illustrates one of many possible paths.

Fayetteville State University’s (FSU) Mathematics and Computer Science Department was notified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) of a grant award totaling $2 million for the “Implementation Project: Strengthening Student Success in STEM (S^4).” The project proposal was led and will be implemented by Dr. Daniel I. Okunbor (Math & Computer Science), project investigator, along with Drs. Dong Wang (math & Computer Science), Daniel Autrey (Chemistry & Physics), and Khalid M. Lodhi (Biological Sciences). The award will begin June 15, 2017 and end May 2021. See more information here .

Computer proposal science thesis

computer proposal science thesis


computer proposal science thesiscomputer proposal science thesiscomputer proposal science thesiscomputer proposal science thesis