Cultural geography research paper topics

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GEO 450 Geography-Geology Field Studies
One week to 10-day regional field study observing and analyzing the physical and cultural landscape. Emphasis placed upon the physical and historical geology and geography of a prescribed route including several states. Prerequisites: ESS212, ESS311, GEO103 or permission of the instructor.

GEO 514 Urban Environment
Examines the impact of information technologies (IT) on the arrangement of human activities. The new technologies in information should make it possible to share information on a global scale. Information on problems ranging from hunger, employment opportunities, environmental degradation, traffic congestion, housing, and many other situations can be shared in a very short span of time over vast areas. Use of new opportunities in information availability and information sharing should assist anyone concerned with a vast range of human problems with their potential solutions. Explores the problems and prospects for using information technology to communicate with people in similar or very different cultural and physical environments to guide the growth and development of human activities.

GEO 532 Disease and the Environment
Seminar in geoenvironmental health hazards such as solid waste, air, and water pollution. Emphasis on public health problems these hazards pose, the application of geographic methods, and tools of analysis. Means available to cope with geoenvironmental hazards and associated policy debates are examined. Lecture information limited. Students expected to participate actively in every seminar meeting.

Cultural geography research paper topics

cultural geography research paper topics


cultural geography research paper topicscultural geography research paper topicscultural geography research paper topicscultural geography research paper topics