Cuny act sample essay

Those are excellent credentials! In terms of targeting schools using the criteria you’ve laid out, the biggest difficulty is predicting what schools will require in terms of SAT score; as the SAT was only revised last March, schools have not yet begun making admission decisions based on the new SAT score range. As such, when determining for what schools he will be a competitive applicant, you should use the SAT 2016 concordance table to determine where this new score puts him in a historical/empirical context. (To save you a read-through of that pdf, a 1410 roughly translates to a 2000 on the old SAT). That said, factors that you might consider when deciding what schools he should apply to should include location, cost of attendance, potential scholarship, median salary upon graduation, as well as other items, like teacher:student ratio, etc. A lot of the “acceptable” criteria for determining which schools he should apply to are entirely relative to his and your family’s needs/want, so without more information it’s hard to make specific recommendations. If you are just looking for a list of colleges to pick from or consider, I would recommend taking a look at this 2015 Business Insider “Best Colleges in the Northeast” Article .

That is a competitive score for a child of her age; however, there is certainly room for improvement. To answer your question about interpreting these new scores – there are numerous resources, posted on this site and throughout the web (like the 2016 Concordance Tables, for example), that can tell you how this score might compare to previous SAT scores, which information you could then use to see how she compares in a larger historical context; however, one of the benefits of her having taken the test at such an early age, and really of her not being a member of the first two classes to take and submit the new SAT for the purpose of admission to college, is that by the time she is actually applying to college, not only will her score have improved but you will have much more information on what different universities typically expect on the new SAT for admission.

Cuny act sample essay

cuny act sample essay


cuny act sample essaycuny act sample essaycuny act sample essaycuny act sample essay