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hi Jignesh I was following through ur various posts on meter bypass. I have a scenario on which I would like ur valuable expert comments. I live in a multi storied government quarter. I would like to know how to bypass the single phase electronic meter. It is giving me sleepless nights. Presently both the live and the neutral from the meter goes to a MCCB which then terminates in our flats option I am considering is like using 2 wires from one live phase from main connection. One goes through the meter and other directly to the house. Since distance from the meter to our house is considerable I cannot discreetly lay a new line to the flat I plan to disconnect the neutral in the MCCB and connect the unmetered live wire to the neutral port of the MCCB. In this way 2 wires both having the same phase would be coming to my flat from a single MCCB. We have 2 separate earth connections to the flat. For neutral I plan to use the earth wire. The second earth will be used for the three pin connections so that they are secured. The metered live phase could be used for some very low load to ensure meter running for atleast the minimum units. The unmetered phase will be used for rest of the loads. My query is-
1) Will the MCCB allow 2 live connections through it (both would of same phase so no 440 volts chance)?
2) Can I install a MCB with the earth which I would using as neutral. IF so, of how much rating.
3) What safety precautions should I take for preventing electrical shocks and equipment safety.

And, yes, I realize you could also “Cast” to “DateTime” first (and if necessary back again to “DateTime2”), but you’d lose the extra precision and again, the extra range (all prior to year 1753) benefits of “DateTime2” vs. “DateTime” which again are probably the 2 biggest and also at the same time, probably not likely needed, which begs the question why use it when you lose the implicit / easy conversions to floating-point numeric (# of days) for addition / subtraction / “age” (vs. DateDiff) / Avg calcs benefit which is a big one in my experience.

Correct me if i am wrong, i think these three categories are actually some what of an evolution,
one usually start of as person who is here to prove a point, or like u have said “they don’t just need to know that stuff works, they have to prove it” in a way, at one stage of our life we were like this, we dint care for how our code looked, we just had to prove a point, “yes its possible!!”
But as time goes, i think we tend to shift to being a programmer and start to be more “sober” while writing codes, we try to improve performances (i think thats d quality of a programmer) and things like that, and finally we become a developer, where we are not alone, i think thats when things become more of team game.. once again, this is just a opinion , correct me if u think i am wrong.. :) I am sure some will :)

Difference between research proposal dissertation

difference between research proposal dissertation


difference between research proposal dissertationdifference between research proposal dissertationdifference between research proposal dissertationdifference between research proposal dissertation