Eliza doolittle character essay

II. Fairness [equity and justice]: Fairness involves treating everyone according to universal ideals of equality and justice. Fair individuals do not let their personal feelings bias their moral or ethical decisions about others, but instead rely on a broad set of moral values. True fairness incorporates both a respect for moral guidelines and a compassionate approach to caring for others. This strength is applicable at all levels of society, from everyday interactions to international issues of social justice.
Too much: detachment
Too little: prejudice, partisanship

While these functions were all framed in ELIZA’s programming, the exact manner by which the program dismantled, examined, and reassembled inputs is determined by the operating script. However, the script is not static, and can be edited, or a new one created, as is necessary for the operation in the context needed (thus how ELIZA can “learn” new information). This also allows the program to be applied in multiple situations, including the well-known DOCTOR script, which simulates a Rogerian psychotherapist, but also a script called “STUDENT”, which is capable of taking in logical analysis parameters and using it to give the answers to problems of related logic. [13]

Eliza doolittle character essay

eliza doolittle character essay


eliza doolittle character essayeliza doolittle character essayeliza doolittle character essayeliza doolittle character essay