Essay on seatbelts

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For example, consider GRE prep courses. When a student who scores poorly on the GRE takes a preparation course and then takes the GRE again, he or she will often do better the second time around. This would seem to show that the prep course is effective. However, it has also proven effective for the student to simply retake the test without any intervention; in most cases, he or she will improve on the second test. (The reason why low scorers tend to improve in the absence of training is known as "regression toward the mean," but its details are beyond the scope of this short essay.) The key issue is that it is always important to have a control group if you want to assess the impact of a treatment.

Essay on seatbelts

essay on seatbelts


essay on seatbeltsessay on seatbeltsessay on seatbeltsessay on seatbelts