Essays for corporal punishment in schools

This "examination of school paddling and spanking as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment" is by Jeff Charles, formerly a frequent contributor to the "NoSpank" website. It seems he has taken off on his own so as to have free rein to focus on his great obsession, which is the paddling of schoolgirls by male teachers in the Southern USA (though strangely enough Jeff lives in Michigan, which is almost as far north as you can get). In fact the major part of this site is an "online book in progress" called Southern Education , which includes posed paddling photos, using a "model" called Andrea, some of which would not disgrace a pornographic magazine, as well as numerous very crude drawings of girls being paddled. The author seems to be convinced that paddlings of girls are being secretly filmed by male school administrators so that the tapes can be sold on the black market to perverts. But as far as I can see he adduces absolutely no evidence for this bizarre claim, which I have not come across anywhere else. As anti-CP propaganda, all this is so over-the-top that I think it probably counter-productive. However, as I have said before, it would seem sensible for paddling schools to enforce a same-sex rule (as some already do) in order to forestall this kind of criticism once and for all.
    On this page , Jeff has reproduced part of an exchange of e-mails that I had with him many years ago.

Moral justifications for violence make so little sense as ruses that we have to assume they’re at least somewhat sincere. That’s an uncomfortable thought. If we accept that dangerous people might be motivated by genuine moral beliefs, we confront a troublingly subjective dimension to morality as such. At the very least, we must face the possibility that one can be sincerely wrong about it. And once you go that far, it’s a short leap to thinking maybe we’re the ones who are wrong, or that there’s nothing to be right about in the first place.

Essays for corporal punishment in schools

essays for corporal punishment in schools


essays for corporal punishment in schoolsessays for corporal punishment in schoolsessays for corporal punishment in schoolsessays for corporal punishment in schools