Fermentation coursework

Although I feel both submerged and solid state fermentation processes involving higher fungi are successful and productive there are certain interesting areas which can be explored to further develop efficiency and capabilities. Particularly in solid state fermentation progress can be made in developing new technologies to carry out fermentation. There is a huge potential for the engineering of new bioreactors to improve fermentation. There must be an emphasis put on cost effective techniques as funding has been cut due to the economic downturn. As always these processes must take into account the environmental impact which they have. It is important now more than ever to minimise the release of harmful substances and chemical toxins into the environment. I feel that further research and study into the production of biomasses such as ethanol would be hugely beneficial to the environment. Overall I feel that further progression can and will be made in both submerged and solid state fermentation used by higher fungi.

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Fermentation coursework

fermentation coursework


fermentation courseworkfermentation courseworkfermentation courseworkfermentation coursework