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Finished my clothes garment guitar needed for a 6 slot rack:

1- garment rack "home maid" brand model MPG4068X0- $16 dollars (sale
priced at Canadian Tire).
2- 5ft length pvc 3/4" tubing- $6 (Canadian Tire)
3- 5 3/4" pvc tees,slip on- $5
4- 2 3/4" pvc elbows- $2
5- 5 3/4" pvc pipe caps -$4 (not really necessary)
6- 1 double length 1/2" pipe foam insulation- $1 (Canadian Tire)
7- 2 double lengths 3/4" pipe foam insulation- $2 (Canadian Tire)
8- contact cement- $1 (dollar store)


1-7/8"  wood spade drill bit to bore the 5 3/4" pvc tees to fit across 3/4" steel tube included in the garment rack.
2-reciprocating saw or other to cut 3/4" pvc pipe into desired cut 7 sections x " to offset the upper section of the unit and provide the guitar pegs,as well as provide plenty of wall included hardware of the garment rack(2 peices) provide the elbows for the steel tubes (stand peice).

Note: You may want to cut the top knob part of the garment rack elbows off and cap them with the included hardware,unless you wish the unit to double as something to hang clothes on(with another section of 3/4" pvc pipe and 2 more elbows) lol. 


Pros:  Looks good, rock solid being made out of steel tubing mostly,comes apart easy for transport,and I like that it's on casters.

Cons: Cost  $37 to build,for $24 dollars more I could have bought a Warwick 5 slot Rockstand,except the stores likely don't stock them unless on special order, and I don't feel like waiting. Could have done without the 5 pipe caps,oh well.

Guitar hero research paper

guitar hero research paper


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