How to add interview in research paper

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2. EIGRP: 90, iBGP: 200, eBGP: 20
4. SIA messages are received when there is no reply to queries to locate a missing route or if there is no other feasible route in place. This is a message that happens almost as a debug message notifying administrator that a path cannot truly be found.
5. OSPF SA is a standalone network. OSPF area 0 is the backbone area of a network, particularly in regards to a WAN network.
6. Any open standard dynamic routing protocol can be used to connect Cisco devices with non-Cisco devices, however, this will require some config changes on the Cisco devices because there are defaults in place that will inhibit connectivity to other vendors.
Host sends Sync message, Server receives Sync message, Server sends Sync-Acknowledge message, Host receives SYN-ACK, Host sends ACK message, Server receives ACK message, TCP/IP connection is now established.
8. VTP is a protocol that carries VLAN information to all switches in the network specifically within the same VTP domain. This speeds up layer 2 convergence because changes are handled appropriately and timely.
9. ISL and are essentially synonymous in most circumstances. ISL is Cisco specific, is a IEEE open standard.
10. Etherchannel is a medium which increases network performance on layer 2 by increasing bandwidth for users and servers. Can group together 2-8 Fast or Gig ports.
11. Elect the VTP domain server switch, regulate domain names on all switches services VLANs.
12. To prevent layer 2 loops.
13. Root bridge is elected in a process multicasted on the network. This root bridge is what actually prevents loops as it gives all switches a place to return to get where it is sending information. Regulates traffic flow on layer 2.
14. IP helper addresses on subnet gateway. Tells the router where it is getting is addresses from.
15. In-line mode, packet inspection. Can employ virtual firewalls (contexts), inspects based upon various policies (anomalies, reputations, and windows.)
16. Hot Standby Routing Protocol is for virtual fail-over, allocates another way for traffic to get out of its network if the first hop fails.
17. Security levels specify access sensitivity on all ports. 1-100 security levels, 1 being most secure, 100 being least secure.
18. ASA/PIX(config)# same-security-traffic permit [intra; inter]-interface
Also, need to configure ACL to specify traffic flow between ports with mismatched security levels.
19. DH is algorithm used to for the creation of encrypted public/private keys.
20. Main mode is the quicker alternative for aggressive mode. When establishing the management connection in a IPSec tunnel phase 1 you specify preshared key (main mode) or certifcates (aggressive mode).

How to add interview in research paper

how to add interview in research paper


how to add interview in research paperhow to add interview in research paperhow to add interview in research paperhow to add interview in research paper