Phd thesis cognitive radio

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Robbie Davis-Floyd offers live-in internships to interested students. The purpose of the internship can range from an introduction to the Anthropology of Reproduction to writing up your Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, or article or book, with Robbie’s help. The internship could be designed as an Independent Study course for which you could get credit from your own university; it can also be used as a “writer’s retreat.” In return for her assistance with your project, Robbie will ask you at times to help with certain aspects of her own work, such as tape transcription or perhaps conducting interviews. Interns can also come to conduct fieldwork in Austin, where we have a rich variety of midwives and medical centers. The length of the internship can vary from some weeks to some months. If you are interested please contact Robbie at [email protected] . Recent Articles Home birth emergencies in the . and Mexico November 4, 2016 February 1, 2017 Home birth emergencies in the . and Mexico : The Trouble with Transport Robbie Davis-Floyd . This article appears in a special issue of Social Science and Medicine, called Reproduction... Space stories November 4, 2016 February 1, 2017 Space stories : Oral Histories From The Pioneers of America's Space Program An Oral History Project conducted in conjunction with the Houston Chapter of the AIAA and Honeywell Corporation Official... The technocratic body November 4, 2016 February 1, 2017 The technocratic body : American Childbirth as Cultural Expression This article appeared in Social Science and Medicine 38(8):1125-1140, 1994 Abstract The dominant mythology of a culture is often displayed in...

Phd thesis cognitive radio

phd thesis cognitive radio


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