Photographic creativity essays

In particular I would like to thank Dale Morris for his contribution in the Northern Pananal. He was most constructive in terms of his helping with my photography. I had been impervious to advice in the past but Dale was truly able to guide me and it shows in my images of our time together. He made himself really available to all of us; he had designed the programme so we went from highlight to highlight; he was always wryly self-effacing,considerate and ’m not sure whether the wildlife behaving so well was also a credit to Dale!

Barbara Bender is a freelance professional photographer and writer who uses various creative techniques, emphasis on design, and simple, often graphic composition to make photographs which are frequently expressive in nature. Her photographs have been featured in such publications as Nature’s Best Awards Issue, Black and White Magazine, and Color Magazine. A series of articles on photographic Creativity and Playfulness was featured in PhotoLife Magazine in 2010. Over forty-five of her images have been used as book covers for Guernica Editions. As an active member of the Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs, she gives presentations and workshops on various photographic topics.

Photographic creativity essays

photographic creativity essays


photographic creativity essaysphotographic creativity essaysphotographic creativity essaysphotographic creativity essays