Reflective narrative essay samples

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The RF scale was originally designed to score reflective functioning on the basis of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI: George, Kaplan, & Main, 1984; 1988) narratives. It was later adapted for use with the Parent Development Interview (PDI) and Pregnancy Interview (PI) . The scale measures an individual’s ability to reflect on his own as well as others’ mental states in narrative descriptions of behavior and reactions of self and other in an interpersonal context. Each passage in the interview is scored on an 11-point scale ranging from negative RF (-1) to Full or Exceptional RF (9) based on demonstration of criteria such as awareness and nature of self and other’s mental states, the recognition of limitations on insight and a capacity to demonstrate awareness of diverse perspectives. In arriving at an overall interview score, the rater takes into account the individual scoring of each passage as well as the quality of the entire interview.

Reflective narrative essay samples

reflective narrative essay samples


reflective narrative essay samplesreflective narrative essay samplesreflective narrative essay samplesreflective narrative essay samples