Sample documented essay apa style

Small and medium-scale enterprises are defined variously. Some of the criteria employed in defining these enterprises include: number of workers, value of assets or annual turnover, nature of premises/space, status of registration/ legality of business and sustainability (CBS et al., 1999). However, most definitions employ the number of workers criteria as this is easier to determine compared to other measures of size. For example, many businesses may not be willing to reveal the value of their assets or annual turnovers. In addition, the upper and lower limit of employees in SMEs is defined by the size of the economy (Egbetokun et al., 2010). In the United States for example, the upper limit size for SMEs is set at 500 employees for most manufacturing and mining industries (US Small Business Administration, 2009). In the European Union, a medium enterprise is one that employs up to 250 people (Commission Recommendation, 2003). In China, the definition of SMEs is quite complex and can include relatively large firms. For example, an industrial SME is defined as having up to 2,000 employees, while a medium-sized business has between 301 and 2,000 employees, and a small business has less than 300 workers (/research/images/pdf/china-pdf). Therefore, what is regarded as an SME in China or in the US maybe quite large relative to an SME in another smaller economy.

Let’s start with the base ingredient, the beans. I completely reject the idea of a superfood [21]  but if I were to entertain such an idea, beans would be my choice. They are high in protein, have complex carbs, lots of micronutrients and can be whipped up into a wide variety of delicious dishes. It is no wonder that beans are the staple food of so many cultures around the world. On top of all their nutritional benefits, beans are also legumes, which require far less nitrogen fertilizer than other crops. Nitrogen fertilizers have numerous negative impacts on the environment, such as creating the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico and make up 75% of greenhouse gases from agriculture. [22]

Sample documented essay apa style

sample documented essay apa style


sample documented essay apa stylesample documented essay apa stylesample documented essay apa stylesample documented essay apa style