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In 2013, a mysterious group of hackers that calls itself the Shadow Brokers stole a few disks full of National Security Agency secrets. Since last summer, they've been dumping these secrets on the internet. They have publicly embarrassed the NSA and damaged its intelligence-gathering capabilities, while at the same time have put sophisticated cyberweapons in the hands of anyone who wants them. They have exposed major vulnerabilities in Cisco routers, Microsoft Windows, and Linux mail servers, forcing those companies and their customers to scramble.

Table 1 also indicates primary types of modeling artifacts that you are likely to create following each method. The artifacts are listed “in order” of creation although the reality is that most models are created iteratively, even when you are following so-called serial processes. There are many secondary models that are not listed, such as business rules or user interface prototypes on a DAD project, because those artifacts are not the focus of the method.  The table isn’t perfect, instead it is just barely good enough in that it shows that there are many different approaches to development, each of which has it’s own collection of primary modeling artifacts.  Each method is applicable to certain types of situations, so it is to your advantage to understand each method and to pick the one best suited for your current situation.

Software essays

software essays


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