Sophie davis essay

Yet we are buoyed by the way “art lets truth originate,” a quote from Heidegger that we heard recently in a talk that Dr. Rita Charon gave in The Dean’s Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities at Columbia University Medical Center.     We feel that each of our Spring 2017 pieces works to initiate truths that provide meaning to our experiences in sickness and in health. We invite you again: Please repose on your couch and enjoy the work. (Feel free to read it on your phone while standing on the subway too.) —Donna Bulseco for the Editors

Leszek Kołakowski described Marcuse's views as essentially anti-Marxist, in that they ignored Marx's critique of Hegel and discarded the historical theory of class struggle entirely in favor of an inverted Freudian reading of human history where all social rules could and should be discarded to create a "New World of Happiness". Kołakowski concluded that Marcuse's ideal society "is to be ruled despotically by an enlightened group [who] have realized in themselves the unity of Logos and Eros, and thrown off the vexatious authority of logic, mathematics, and the empirical sciences." [12]

Lucian Truscott, IV, Reporter,  The Village Voice :  A rather tough lesbian was busted in the bar and when she came out of the bar she was fighting the cops and trying to get away. And the harder she fought, the more the cops were beating her up and the madder the crowd got. And I ran into Howard Smith on the street,  The Village Voice  was right there. And Howard said, "Boy there's like a riot gonna happen here," and I said, "yeah." And the police were showing up. And so Howard said, "We've got police press passes upstairs." You know, Howard's concern was and my concern was that if all hell broke loose, they'd just start busting heads. At least if you had press, maybe your head wouldn't get busted.

Sophie davis essay

sophie davis essay


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