Thesis on bell hooks

J ordhvepse er ikke det samme som jordbier.  Jordhvepse er blot alm. hvepse, der har valgt at bygge et hvepsebo i jorden.  Grunden til at et hvepsebo i jorden er så generende skal ses i lyset af, at de ofte sidder uhensigtsmæssigt og til gene for forbipasserende – specielt hunde og børn.  Jordhvepse skal fjernes eller bekæmpes så hurtigt som muligt, da boet i jorden bliver større og større og antallet forøges henover sommeren.  Flere af vore kunder har haft et ubehageligt kendskab til et hvepsebo i jorden, da man kun kan se boet via aktiviteten op og ned. Således kan man let komme til ubevidst at træde ned i selve indflyvningshullet og få talrige hvepsestik op ad benene.

The red part of the poem is almost painful to read. Plath's imagery and diction in these stanzas makes the reader feel almost exactly what she is going through. She says the tulips were too red, and we agree. She begins to describe the tulips as animals, and in a twisted metaphorical way she describes as the tulips breathe under gift wrap, (the sound imagery here, although unwritten, is very disturbing, as the crinkling of the paper as they breathe seems ominous, as the breathing noises in modern films do), how they turn towards her, (also quite ominous), how the tulips speak to her, ever-taunting, and eat her oxygen. She claims they should be shut away in a cage like wild, dangerous animals. Tulips? Shut away? The irony at first glance is intense, but fades away as one realizes the bitterness of the speaker towards these flowers is for a good reason. Her prior white emptiness has been ruined by these flowers; the redness of them (blood imagery) have brought her snapping back into memories of her miscarriage. She has failed her duty and is once again reminded of it. Curiously, she mentions how the flowers are "red lead sinkers round my neck". This directional imagery, in this case downwards, shows negativity and her real depression. In this way, the severe red of the tulips, interestingly enough given to her apparently by her own husband, has reminded her of her former self, and the social pressures that are her life.

Thesis on bell hooks

thesis on bell hooks


thesis on bell hooksthesis on bell hooksthesis on bell hooksthesis on bell hooks