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This guide describes major document collections relating to . foreign relations which are held in the Penn Libraries. Foreign Relations of the United States Series The Foreign Relations of the United States is an important source of information about American foreign policy. It constitutes the State Department's official record and provides access to previously classified material that otherwise would be unavailable. Simultaneously, its status as the official record also compromises its completeness, since it is heavily edited, with much material remaining classified. The State Department offers a description of the series What is the Foreign Relations Series? For a critical description of what criteria are used for inclusion in FRUS volumes and how political and security processes compromise their comprehensiveness see this article from The Journal of American History (http:///makerecord/url/38869). It is organized by year or groups of years, with geographical or topical sub-divisions. For example, the volumes dealing with the Casablanca conference (1943) are part of the World War II group and not the year-by-year sequence. Some volumes can be quite specific, such as the two 1902 volumes called The Whaling and Sealing Claims against Russia . Particular countries interact intensively with the United States at different times,

As in most militaries, members of the . Armed Forces hold a rank, either that of officer , warrant officer , or enlisted , to determine seniority and eligibility for promotion. Those who have served are known as veterans . Rank names may be different between services, but they are matched to each other by their corresponding paygrade . [31] Officers who hold the same rank or paygrade are distinguished by their date of rank to determine seniority, while officers who serve in certain positions of office of importance set by law, outrank all other officers in active duty of the same rank and paygrade, regardless of their date of rank. [32] Currently, only one in four persons in the United States of the proper age meet the moral, academic and physical standards for military service. [33]

United states research paper

united states research paper


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