Walmart is bad for the economy essay

Unless you are in the 2 regions Caren mentioned, I live in NorCal, and the WM in my town have most of the shoppers there who are African American from the South( I can tell from the accent and some are from Texas to GA other than the other Southern states) CA ,being the most populous state has the most WMs so there will be visitors from the South who do stay in CA who only shop at WM plus the mild to hot weather(and getting hotter) and the ruralness of NorCal is reminds one of the native South plus if you get the military personnel from the South who only will shop at WM off base. As a long time CA native who lived in Va and GA, I don’t shop at Walmart, but i do see those from out of state(mostly from the South) who will only shop at the nearest Arkansas based WM traveling through in their RV from the main highway just to get the basic necessities and other mostly MADE IN CHINA items.

That's in addition to another report earlier this month that made the assertion that the presence of a Walmart and other big box stores breeds hate groups. That research, conducted by professors at Penn State University, New Mexico State University and Michigan State University, argues that local businesses are pillars of the community and promote civic engagement and foster community values. When Walmart comes to town and puts those companies out of business, it creates a business vacuum which weakens the community's civic "backbone" and creates an atmosphere ripe for hate groups to form and gain power in the absence of strong leadership among local business owners and community leaders.

Walmart is bad for the economy essay

walmart is bad for the economy essay


walmart is bad for the economy essaywalmart is bad for the economy essaywalmart is bad for the economy essaywalmart is bad for the economy essay