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At this stage, children spell most words correctly, with a reliance on phonics knowledge to spell longer words. Writers use punctuation marks correctly and use capital and lower case letters in the correct places. Writing for different purposes becomes more important. First and second grade students often write signs for their bedroom doors or a letter to a friend. Storybook language, "Once upon a time," and "happily ever after," become a part of writing samples as the child joins the league of writers with a storytelling purpose. As students progress through the writing stages, various pieces become more automatic and fluent. Handwriting becomes easier, as does the spelling of a majority of words.

Getting Started
Goal I:  Composing with Pictures (18 strategies)
Goal 2: Engagement: Independence, Increasing Volume, and Developing a Writing Identity (27 strategies)
Goal 3:  Generating and Collecting Ideas (38 strategies)
Goal 4:  Focus/Meaning (25 strategies)
Goal 5:  Organization and Structure (40 strategies)
Goal 6:  Elaboration (45 strategies)
Goal 7:  Word Choice (31 strategies)
Goal 8:  Conventions: Spelling and Letter Formation (22 strategies)
Goal 9: Conventions: Grammar and Punctuation (35 strategies)
Goal 10: Collaborating with Writing Partners and Clubs (19 strategies)

Outline very thoroughly and then fill it in. When you get jammed, take a walk- your subconscious will resolve the issue. I once procrastinated on a book contract and had to do a 70,000 word book in thirty days. It can be done and it’s a decent book. Of course if you look at my site you’ll find that I don’t do 70,000 word books anymore and actually believe that nearly any non-fiction subject can be covered in one tenth of that- we were writing those 70,000 words to fit a physical format made for book store displays. It was an arbitrary amount that has no relevance these days as ebooks surpass print…

Writing experts on book essay

writing experts on book essay


writing experts on book essaywriting experts on book essaywriting experts on book essaywriting experts on book essay